Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's been too long...

I know I have not posted anything for awhile, the reason being that I have been super busy applying for jobs, 32 and counting to be exact.
We have decided that if I find a decent job in Norway we'll move, so for all of you dying do offer me a job, now is the time!

I didn't even have time to do any sewing, but I did manage to make Milo a small house to put up on his wall where he  can put all his most valuable possessions, like cars, shells and so forth. I glued some paper in every room and it looks quite nice, but of course not perfect, shabby!

On the Italy front, it is so hot here this week and I prefer to stay inside with Tobia the Dog. Poor thing, with all that fur. We give him showers with the garden hose, but you can't shave them. They get depressed...
We haven't been to the beach yet, but might on Sunday! We usually go close to Terracina, because the water is so nice, but Nettuno is closer so we'll see.

Cooking when it is so hot, is not something you do that much in Italy. Either you wait for the sun to go down or you eat something cold. Prociutto e Melone, Caprese, Pasta Fredda or Insalata di Riso. Husband makes a mean rice salad.
But if you are not where it is 40 degrees at the moment, then this is one of my favourite pasta dishes;

Pasta con carciofi e salsiccia, artichoke and Italian sausage. I like to use a short pasta for this, like penne or rigatoni, because then all the yummy sauce goes inside the pasta...When it comes to the artichoke, I would try to go for fresh or frozen. If you can not find either you can go for the boxes or glasses. The reason I'm sceptical is that the texture is not the same and it could become too mushy. Right, the sausage is very coarsly cut, lots of chunks, if you can't find it, use mince that you mix with salt, pepper, chili flakes and fennel seeds.
I start by cutting an onion in to small pieces, put it in the pan with good olive oil, let it get soft, add the salsiccia and let it get cooked through. Cut the artichoke in to small pieces. Soak the in lemon water as fast as you can otherwise they will turn brown. Put the in to boiling water and let them cook until soft. Then you add them to the meat and add some white wine. When the wine is almost gone you put in the cream, stir and put in grated parmegiano. At this time you taste to see if it needs more seasoning or if the seasoning from the sausage is enough. Let it thicken and mix with the pasta.
Buon appetito!

This all made me hungry so I'll go have some lunch!

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